CONTACT:  Genot Picor, evoyageur@aol.com, 30717 Lund Ave., Warren, MI.  48093, 586-558-8065

La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe was founded in 2007 by Genot Picor in an effort to preserve French Canadian and Celtic folklore, music and dance of North America.  Over the years, "La Compagnie" has performed in several venues ranging from festivals, reenactments, museums, libraries and the historical rendezvous.  Made up of four core musicians, La Compagnie will include other professional musicians and dancers to provide your venue with an authentic, custom designed, performance experience. 

          Their enthusiasm becomes an emotional experience that rises above musical appreciation.  One of their performers actually came down from the stage and taught a community dance number to our audience!  Robin DiMeglio, DDA, Oxford, Michigan    

As the name suggests, the members of La Compagnie are "real troupers!"  They are seasoned professionals whose goal is to provide the host and the audience with an unforgettable experience.

          The first day of our historic rendezvous in Saullt Ste. Marie was interrupted by a tornado warning.  La Compagnie cheerfully helped us make alternate plans on the fly and treated us to a wonderful musical and dance experience inside our City Hall. Their performance on the next night found people lounging about, relaxing and enjoying an outdoor concert experience.  Angie Patterson, Project Administrator, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

           I would gladly recommend La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe to anyone who would inquire.  This group is very professional, enthusiastic, and certainly a joy to listen to, sing, laugh or clap along or dance with.  At our request, Genot Picor and La Compagnie personally designed a historically musical “adventure” for our audience, who was delighted to be a part of their performance.  Chris Becher, Ste. Claire Voyageur Site Coordinator, Harrison Township, Michigan


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Thumbfest 2015 

La Compagnie had a wonderful experience at Thumbfest 2015.  If you haven't had a chance, it would be worth your while to check out this event in the future - many stages and great performers.  Thank you to the Blue Water Folk Society for putting on a great event and keeping this important genre alive!