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La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe
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La Compagnie

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La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe

Are you a fan of French Canadian and Celtic folklore? If so, you’ll be delighted that La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe has preserved this rich cultural heritage since 2007. Founded by Genot Picor, this talented group of musicians and dancers has performed at various venues, including festivals, museums, libraries, and historical rendezvous. Made up of four core musicians, La Compagnie may include other professional musicians, and La Compagnie can customize their performance to suit your specific event requirements. With their unique blend of music and dance, you’re in for an unforgettable experience that will transport you to a bygone era.

La Compagnie is about delivering an unforgettable experience to the host and audience. As the name suggests, the members of this troupe are “real troupers”! With their years of experience and exceptional talent, they are ready to take you on a journey that will leave you spellbound. Get ready to be blown away by their sheer professionalism and passion for the art of performance.

La Compagnie

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Their enthusiasm becomes an emotional experience that rises above musical appreciation. One of their performers came down from the stage and taught a community dance number to our audience!

On the first day of our historic rendezvous in Sault Saint Marie, we were interrupted by a tornado warning. La Compagnie cheerfully helped us make alternate plans on the fly and treated us to a beautiful musical and dance experience inside our City Hall. Their performance on the following night found people lounging about, relaxing, and enjoying an outdoor concert experience. We were thrilled to have La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™ perform at Rendezvous in the Sault in Sault Ste Marie, MI. Their performances at our event began in 2013 and culminated with a most excellent celebration of our city's 350th anniversary 2018. They were well prepared, reliable, and easy to work with, and they provided entertainment that people came back year after year to experience!

I recommend La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe to anyone inquiring. This group is professional, enthusiastic, and a joy to listen to, sing, laugh, clap, or dance with. At our request, Genot Picor and La Compagnie personally designed a historical musical adventure for our audience, who was delighted to be a part of their performance.

Since our first French Canadian and Metis cultural event in Detroit in 2017, our group has looked to La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™ to provide traditional French and French Canadian music and dances practiced and enjoyed by our ancestors over the generations. With our goal of increasing awareness of Detroit’s French roots and history, partnering with La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™ brings our heritage alive through their extensive knowledge of our historical songs and dance traditions. All of us at Rendez-vous Detroit enjoy working with La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™ and look forward to many more years of future successful events. With their excellent musicianship and professionalism, I highly recommend them to any event planner looking for a first-class, crowd-pleasing act. As La Compagnie’s founder, Genot Picor, likes to say about his shows, “We’re gonna give you a real barn-burner, so bring your dancin’ shoes!” I would agree and add, for a foot-stomping great time, call Genot!

We were pleased to have La Compagnie (La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™) provide the entertainment for the Center for French Colonial Studies annual conference last October in Monroe, Michigan. In addition to being very talented musicians, they engaged the audience and shared information about the cultural context in which their songs were developed and 2 played. The highlight of the evening was when they invited the audience to participate by learning many 18th-century dances that were the focus of community gatherings. Everyone left with smiles on their faces, thanks to the beautiful evening of merriment that La Compagnie provided. I highly recommend them for your next event; you won' don't be disappointed.

The Grosse Pointe Historical Society hired La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™ to perform for “Le Nom du Lac: A Summer Celebration of the 1679 Christening of Lake Saint Clair (Fri. Aug. 12, 2022).” They went above and beyond to ensure our celebration was successful, from attending meetings to teaching traditional French Canadian/American country dances and performing historical songs and tunes from a by-gone era. They dressed in period regalia, which added authenticity to the event. La Compagnie is professional, easy to work with, and express its own Joie de vivre through music, stories, and dances. I highly recommend La Compagnie Musical Dance Troupe™ for your event.

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